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Hotel Prices

1 dog, per night£38.00
2 dogs, per night£55.00
3 dogs, per night£67.00
These prices relate to a single night stay with dogs staying in one room (if more than one dog in the booking), with check out BEFORE 12pm. if you require to check out after this time this is ONLY available Saturday & Sundays.

Please note that there is an increase to the nightly rate over the Christmas period. The dates effected by this are 24th, 25th, 26th & 31st December. Please contact our reception staff about any queries regarding this increase.

For quotes for a future booking please contact our reception staff on or 07482565979


Daycare Price List

 Cost- 1 dogCost- each additional dog
Full Day
Half Day
(8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm)
Monday- Friday Block£105.00-
10 Day Block£200.00-
These prices relate to dogs being in our care and being exercised throughout the day. If you require your dog to be fed during the day, you can provide their own food or we can provide them with a meal for an additional £3.00 per meal.
Half day daycare is ONLY available in the blocks stated (8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm). Any other times slots will be charged at a full day rate.


Training Price List

Pay As You Go£13.00
10 Lesson Block£110.00
3 month membership£170.00
6 month membership£270.00
12 month membership£470.00
For information about our obedience and agility/rally classes visit our 'Training Classes' page


Hydrotherapy & Aquatic Massage

Pay As You Go£35.00
10 Session Block£300.00
All sessions are 45 minutes long, please understand you dog will NOT be in the water this whole time. During this time your dog will have a health check, pre session shower, their swim (this is be broken up with rest periods on the ramp) and their post session shower.

If you have any queries about hydrotherapy please contact our hydrotherapist team at


Private Hire Field Price List

1 hour (up to and including 5 dogs)£15.00
Each Additional dog (after 5)£3.00
Half hour (up to and including 5 dogs) £7.50
For any breed parties or group bookings, please contact reception for a quote



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