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Canine Hydrotherapy

Canine hydrotherapy is a non-weight bearing water based form of therapy.

This type of therapy can play an important role in a dog’s quality of life if they are in need of rehabilitation after surgery or injury, a non-weight bearing form of exercise, weight-loss or just fitness.

At The Pawfect Retreat Canine Hydrotherapy, we cater for all needs, delivering owners a high quality service, in Canine Hydrotherapy Association approved high specification surroundings.

Both our Canine Hydrotherapists are qualified to Level 3 and were trained in one of the leading canine hydrotherapy centres in the UK; Hawskmoor Training Centre. Just seven months after opening our doors, both our therapists and our centre are now registered with the Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA) and are eager to maintain and update their knowledge throughout their careers. Being a CHA registered centre, allows veterinary practices to refer patients to our centre by searching for a registered centre on the Canine Hydrotherapy Association website; Our clients can also claim for their treatment through their insurance company if applicable.

We are vet referral ONLY centre. Please find referral form here: Canine Hydrotherapy Referral Form



Based in our brand new purpose built hydrotherapy centre, our pool was designed and manufactured by Pedigree Pools, and is of the highest quality. The pool measures 6m x 3m, is chlorine based and is heated to 34 degrees.

We aim to create a high quality, relaxing and therapeutic environment for all our clients.

Our centre provides clients with a one to one personal service. Clients will be seen by the same therapist, which builds a bond and trust between dog and therapist, resulting in a more productive and successful session. There is only ever one dog in the pool with a therapist at any one time.

One centre operates a policy whereby there is only ever one client in the centre during their session, this means that even dogs who are nervous or reactive can come for therapy without worrying they will meet any other dogs whilst there.

Further Training

Throughout the year our hydrotherapists are required to continuously improve their knowledge in the field by attending Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training courses provided by CHA approved training centres.

Recently our hydrotherapists attended a Canine Aquatic Massage course and are now incorporating this into their sessions in the pool.

Both hydrotherapists are also trained in Underwater Aquatic Treadmill.

What to Expect

Initial Consultation- FREE

After receiving your vet referral, you will be contacted by one of our therapists to book in an initial consultation. During this session your dog will not swim. This session is for your hydrotherapist to introduce theirselves to you and your dog, discuss their referral, and gain knowledge on your pets lifestyle and your expectations on their therapy. We will complete our standard health check, making records of their weight, overall measurements, heart rate and body condition. We will also talk you through how each hydrotherapy session will proceed.

During the consultation, an appointment will be made for your dog’s first swim session. All our hydrotherapists have their own individual client group, this way we feel we understand our clients history and medical condition, owners expectations and more importantly it is a familiar person at each session for the dog, which provides a more personal approach. However, holidays and illnesses can occur throughout the year, in which case one of our other hydrotherapists will step in and complete their session with guidance and treatment notes made by their usual therapist.

Hydrotherapy Session

On the day of your dog’s session it’s important not to feed them 3 hours prior to their session. Also remember, in some cases this may replace their exercise. This is an intense form of exercise so some dogs may be more tired than usual. Please ensure that your dog defecates prior to their session. There is a field adjecent to the hydrotherapy centre which you can access to allow them a toilet break.

Before each session our hydrotherapist will complete a quick health check and take any further measurements they need and then shower your dog. This is done to relax muscles and to desensitise their body to the warmer temperature. We will fit your dog with the appropriate safety jacket, whether that’s a lifejacket or a harness.

The length of each session is 45 minutes however we must state, your dog will not be in the pool the whole time, the shower before and after each session is included in this time, along with their health check. During their session a dog will not swim for longer than 20 minutes per session. This 20 minutes will be divided into 4 swim sets with rest periods in-between, please note it is not recommended for dogs to swim for more than 5 minutes at one time. This is usually for athletic/sporting dogs.

Our Staff


Angela qualified as a level 3 canine hydrotherapist in April 2019 after undergoing intensive training at one of the leading canine hydrotherapy training centres back in 2018.  she then went on to train and qualify in canine underwater treadmill and aqua massage.
As well as being a canine hydrotherapist, Angela is a property developer and designed and helped build The Pawfect Retreat resort. Angela has a great passion for dogs, in both caring and training them, this stems from having owned boxers for over 12 years and she currently owns 3 boxers at the moment.
This passion sparked the idea of The Pawfect Retreat and lead into her additional career of canine hydrotherapy.
Angela has helped rehabilitate many dogs with conditions such as IVDD, osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia/ elbow dysplasia, weight loss and helped maintain fitness.



Vikki qualified late in 2019 but has been working alongside Angela in the pool since starting her qualification in January 2019. Vikki has a BSc degree in Exercise, Physical Activity & Health from The University of Salford and graduated in 2013. After graduating Vikki began personal training however wanted a change in career as she is a keen dog lover, decided to trade her personal training business for training and rehabilitating dogs in hydrotherapy instead.

Vikki currently has a wide client base range; young and old, ranging from weight-loss, hip and/or elbow dysplasia to femoral head excision rehabilitation along with osteoarthritis and dogs who are also paralysed from the waist down, Vikki caters for all conditions.


Jackie qualified in Small Animal Hydrotherapy in 2019 after completing her Level 3 training at leading industry centre, Hawksmoor. She is passionate about animal welfare and rehabilitation and has held multiple voluntary positions for animal charities such as the RSPCA and Cinnamon Trust.  Jackie developed her skills in animal rehabilitation while working full-time as a Project Manager in the Digital and Creative sectors. Having cared for animals with orthopaedic and neurological conditions, she understands how important complementary therapies are in helping animals recover and maintain their long-term wellbeing. Jackie indulged her interest and commitment to the field and joined our hydrotherapy team full-time earlier this year.



Laura began her training into Canine Hydrotherapy in March 2020, having worked in the travel industry for over 20 years. After restriction on travel became tighter, Laura decided to retrain into a career that she had crossed paths with personally. Laura’s previous pet, her beloved Labradoodle, underwent two cruciate repair surgeries and it was then, Laura came across hydrotherapy, where she was amazed by the rehabilitation achieved. Laura knows the distress and understanding that the dogs and owners go through to help aid their recovery and has the passion to help as many dogs as she can on the road to recovery and give the dogs the best quality of life they deserve.

Laura joined the team here at The Pawfect Retreat in January 2020 and is working alongside Angela & Vikki while building a client base of her own.


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