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Our Story

The concept was to create a facility that would provide owners with a location they would be happy to leave their pets when they were away. We created a hotel that has a luxurious feel and the feeling of a home environment.

Angela, the mind behind The Pawfect Retreat, has worked behind the scenes for over 10 years on this idea, perfecting it and allowing it to grow in her imagination before she finally started working on the construction of this facility.

The idea initially grew from the challenge of leaving her own 3 dogs and there being no facility around that she was happy to leave them in while she was away. As this became the type of facility that she needed herself for her dogs, it became a true passion & a labour of love to get it just right and to be able to offer all the comforts & services that she wanted and needed for her ‘girls’.

She has designed & instructed the installation of every inch of the facility from the bespoke made headboards to the state of the art ventilation & filtration system.

This really is a 5* luxury hotel for dogs, in every sense of the word.

About hotel

The hotel complex is located in some of our newly renovated buildings and consists of 25 luxury bedrooms.

All areas of the hotel are finished to an exceptionally high standard and one of our outstanding features that separates us from other dog facilities is our state of the art ventilation & filtration system. The system which provides fresh filtered air to be pumped into each room, and is never recycled into other rooms meaning there will never be a risk of cross contamination to any of our guests. The air in each room can be changed up to 10 times per day, and can also be heated or cooled accordingly.

On arrival to the hotel, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff in our impressive reception area.

We will help, guide you through the checking in process and answer any queries you might have, and also reassure you that your pets are in the best possible care.

Any dietary or medication requirements are all addressed and you can also add any ‘special’ extras at this stage, whether that be a training session or a grooming session at an additional cost.

It is then optional as to whether you show them to their suite yourself or whether you let one of our staff do it for you- we understand leaving them can be an emotional time.

Our Rooms

All our dog hotel rooms have been individually designed, from the colours to the furnishings. We like to think of ourselves as ‘The Savoy’ for dogs. Each room has CCTV installed so dogs are monitored constantly when they are in their rooms, even during the night. Our owners are able to keep an eye on their pets while away, by downloading and logging into their pets camera. We have installed TV’s in each room, we believe that the soothing sound of a TV gives our guest the feeling of ‘home’ and they will settle with us easier and therefore eliminate stress. Each room offers natural light, a double or king size bed, while also allowing plenty of floor space. We have even staggered our glass bedroom doors which eliminates the ‘closed in’ feel. By staggering the doors we offer each dog privacy as & when they need it.

Extra Info

On checking in you will be provided with your own personalised code in which you will gain access to your pets room CCTV. This enables you to check in 24 hours a day to see what they are up to while you are away.

Vaccination requirements for hotel stay:


Parvo Virus



Kennel Cough

Parainfluenza (not as important)


Check-in for the hotel is open from 2pm-4pm

Check-out is 8am-12pm, if you require to check out after this time this is ONLY available Saturday & Sundays, please contact our reception staff if you have any queries.


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